The beautiful mother!!

Oh! She was a beauty!!With a long slender neck, dark and shiny skin and a majestic walk!!

Out we were in the sun, to take a stroll.There we spotted this beautiful mother, soaking in the sun with her precious little ones, snuggled up close to her in her warmth.






Somehow, spending a few moments with nature fills my heart with joy and gives calmness to the mind like no other thing in this world. And I was so thrilled to see this sight like a child .Mother nature is indeed beautiful!!


The 20 Must-Do’s – For a meaningful life!!

Myself and quite a few other friends turned 30 recently. And this sparked lots of conversation at home about what all we could have or should have done in our twenties so that we don’t get the much abhorred feeling of missing some things in life.And this 30 somehow seems to be a magic number, at least as far as age is concerned!! As People really start feeling old or get the real fear of aging(May be the 7 signs of aging really starts to appear now;-)). And above all if we have kids,we have to manage their schedule as well and get so pressed for time to do our own things(read follow our own passion). This made me think  a lot about my life so far. And I was also wondering, if marriage and family life can restrict one from following his or her own path. I don’t think it will, if we make the right choices and know well in advance what we really want in life and have always been doing the right things, may be then we won’t have any disappointments I guess. But this seems to be a separate topic in itself for discussion.( Are we very clear in the beginning itself to state what we want in life and not change that later in life ? I dont think most of us can precisely decide everything in their twenties itself. Sometimes we become prisoner of circumstances and are also susceptible to make wrong choices.So life takes its own path many times!! And we accept many things as they come and move on!! But may not be the case always. May be some are able to figure out things early on in life or accept whatever comes their way instead of trying to change the course of path too much. Or there are the other ones who really work hard and strive to achieve what they want in life come what may and achieve it despite all obstacles. But sadly I’m not one of them and this made me think what made the difference exactly in life.How are some people able to lead a much more meaningful and happier life? How are they able to stay motivated always and reach for higher goals where as some of us don’t??

After all the contemplation, in the end,  I just realized that there are some basic principles that we need to follow to have a meaningful life, leave alone a happier one. Or may be leading a meaningful life makes you much happier !! Does it?!! I guess it does!!:-)

So here goes my list!! The things I wished I had told my 20 year old self!!

1. Build your own routine – Leading a routine life is much better than being chaotic in pursuit of pepping up life or getting short term happiness.

2. Learn to be independent- Take your own decisions and stand up for that.

3. Live your own dreams, not others!!

4. Seek and you shall get.

5. No pain, no gain!!

6. Do not become complacent – when success comes real easy we do not realize it’s value.

7. Never stop believing – Have faith (in yourself first)!!

8. Find your passion – If you have a passion pursue it (somehow find ways to pursue it), if you don’t have any or don’t know what it is , find it!! It helps in the long run.

9.Stop complaining, start living!! – Find solutions rather than just pointing out problems.

10. Have some goals – It helps to stay motivated. Keep updating your goals so that you don’t lose track.

11. Experience is the best teacher!!

12. Knowledge and information is power. Stay informed!!

13. Figure out ways to handle failures or setbacks in life. It is so important not to get bogged down or just give up. Be persistent and resilient!!

14. It is equally important to know how to handle success – Do not let it make you complacent. Keep setting new goals and achieve them.Otherwise it is so easy to get bored and lose track which may led to future setbacks.(Remember the hare and tortoise story??!!)

15. It does not matter where we live, but how we live. Make the most of the place where you are!!

16. Learn to use social media diligently – It can become an information overload if not used in the right way.So beware!!

17. Develop people management skills – It is one of the most important soft skill that comes a long way in personal and professional life.

18. Finding the dream job or doing what we love as a career may not happen to all of us or may not be as easy as we think.Your passion may not be as lucrative as the job at hand, which you hate the most.But be patient and not take hasty decisions. Find a way to pursue your passion along with the job that you need to do for a livelihood. Trust me, it is possible. So do not give up on that yet!!

19. But to do the above, you need very good time management skill.So master that !!

20.Pursuing a hobby is as important as studying or working.It helps us as we grow old to relieve from stress and the break the boredom of routine life. So take a book, enjoy a sport or learn an instrument.It comes a long way in your life!!

Ahhh… last but not the least!! KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!! Big problems in life usually need small fixes.We just need to figure out the way.

Most of the things mentioned above are very well known things only, but still we forget to practice this in life on a daily basis and so I wanted to write it down and preserve it in this space. In fact want to read it daily or as often as possible to remind myself about these principles that can help me improve my life at least from my 30’s and get back the missed things of 20’s.  And I  have listed all these points based on my own experiences in life and what I learnt from them. There may be numerous other valuable lessons of life, but these seemed to be the important 20 learnt from my twenties!!

So Happy Living!! Enjoy each and everyday to the fullest!! Every moment is new!!:-)


The smart little machine!!

Yay!! I got my new pet, the all new lenovo yoga 2, the smart, cute little ultrabook from lenovo!! And am so excited to write my first post from that. Thanks to  my DH for this great gift for no reason, but to just see a smile one my face. Haha.. not the only reason! My old laptop was dying and I badly needed a new one!! So the search started…out of the many in the market this one caught my eyes for it’s great features and the size!! I’ve always been a fan of lenovo for its sturdy and rugged devices. This one is too.The Yoga 2 is a 11.6 inch beauty with a touch screen and some decent hardware with good processing speed as well. And above all it can be used as a laptop or tablet since it has a touch screen and a smaller size (can be completely flipped backwards to make it a tablet). And as for the specs.- It has an Intel Pentium N3540 processor with 2.16 Ghz speed.4 GB RAM and 500 GB HD. This seems to be doing a great job so far with running multiple applications,web browsing ,video streaming and small scale application development. If you need a higher configuration you have the Yoga 2 pro and Yoga 3 for a higher price. But the yoga 2 seems to be the perfect fit for my needs and at a modest price of USD $500. Though it has a tough competition with it’s dell and asus counterparts, after reading many reviews I felt the Yoga 2 is the best choice. I would highly recommend this compact little DO machine to anybody looking for an ultrabook with great performance and reasonable price!!

Here are some snapshots:)





Welcome spring!!

It has been just a few days since the arrival of spring and I can see lots of beautiful flowers and fresh green leaves on the trees which were lifeless so long. It is a wonderful treat for the eyes to see the blooming colorful flowers. It gives the much needed freshness and vigour in life and gives the hope that summer is arriving soon!! These thoughts just made me realize that it is going to be three months since the beginning of this new year already!! Days are rolling by fast and I got to gear up to keep pace with it!! So here goes my first post for the year welcoming spring. Hope the arrival of spring brings the much needed color and zest in life!! Happy spring and happy 2015 to all!!

Hoping to write lot more with my upgraded device!!;-)

Colors  of spring right out of my window!!





Hope we don’t miss to capture some of these wonderful moments gifted by nature in our busy lives filled with materialistic pursuits. There is indeed a lot of joy in these small this as well !!:-)

My experiments in the kitchen!!

In the quest to try something new in the kitchen last weekend , I made this zesty , crispy moong dal vada with corn and zucchini(corn zucchini moong dal fritters). Adding a few fresh leaves of parsley  was my touch to it and it gave a nice herby smell in every bite!!

And I served it with some fresh salad and ghee rice for dinner. It was indeed a lip smacking , veggilicious dinner. It can well be taken for a sumptuous lunch as well.









This was my first attempt at making some fusion in cooking and I am happy that it turned out well, indeed!!:-)

This combo added a lot of color and taste to the plain old rice and moon dal recipes. So when everything gets dull and boring, let your creativity fly and add color to your life by taking on to some food therapy.After all , good food can lift your spirits high any day!!!!:-)

Stay tuned for more updates on this recipe and more fun cooking !!



Happy July 4th!!

July 4th which was so far insignificant in our calendars, other than being very close to our wedding anniversary , became very special this year. The reason being we have moved to the US recently and it is the birthday of US of A, 238th birthday to be precise!! This definitely should be one of the oldest democratic countries in the world(I’m not sure of the statistics though).The American Independence day is celebrated with lots of  fun events for communities at large which really makes it an enjoyable day for kids and the whole family. And we were all excited to visit the downtown park which was the venue for all the celebrations and display of fireworks at night.  We planned to go only late in the evening so that we can watch the fireworks also in case our daughter was not too fussy.So we were keeping our fingers crossed and headed to the Bellevue downtown park.

After a long wait for a good  parking space finally we reached the park!!Yay!!This was the first time we saw so many people at one place in our city and we were really happy!!Lots of  fun activities for kids were going on. And there were many food stalls and food trucks too!!The first time I got a chance to see and taste American street food and I should say it was yum!!!


This was the stall that sold some really nice fresh fruits called “Fruit chatter box”.



Then there was this funnel cake which was very different from the normal cakes that we have. I just loved them!! It was really yummm!!:-)



Some of the other food trucks and stalls …





To our surprise our daughter enjoyed the evening thoroughly at the park and also stayed awake till the fireworks.Though she fell asleep immediately once we started back home in the car.

Here are some more pics of the beautiful waterfront park!!









Not to forget the live orchestra who played wonderful music out there.



Hope that we have an even more awesome and fun filled July 4th next year !!:-)

Tuesday Morning soulfood!!

“The secret ingredient is….. nothing!!” These are words told by Mr.Ping to Po when he is trying to decipher the message in the scroll.These words have profound meaning in our lives too and I love this scene in the movie.Somehow these lines came to my mind today morning and I wanted to write about it.
Though we watch the movie many times we tend to forget such meaningful lines spoken in the hustle and bustle of our lives and our own rumblings of the mind.So I felt this blog space would be a good place to pin up these good messages so that I can come back and read them whenever I need a pep talk in my life. And it can also benefit my readers when they need some soul food !!

Here are the famous lines from the movie:

Mr. Ping: The secret ingredient is… nothing!
Po: Huh?
Mr. Ping: You heard me. Nothing! There is no secret ingredient.
Po: Wait, wait… it’s just plain old noodle soup? You don’t add some kind of special sauce or something?
Mr. Ping: Don’t have to. To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.
[Po looks at the scroll again, and sees his reflection in it]
Po: There is no secret ingredient…

So the secret of success is nothing but ourselves.There is no magic, but our own hardwork. Miracles don’t happen unless we create them ourselves. And this is what I learnt by living for more than a quarter of a century on this planet.So guys, keep working and make your dreams come true!!:-)

Read this somewhere….”Hard works beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”!